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Butterfly Matinee, Cornflower

The Etruscan collection

Each piece is made from strands of jewel-coloured suede and lamb nappa, gilded by hand with real 23 carat gold leaf - real gold leaf does not tarnish with age.

These delicate pieces look their best when gently twisted, so that the colour, contrast and texture stand out.

Leaf, Butterfly, Razor.
Taupe, Cornflower, Emerald, White, and seasonal variations.
Choker, 40cm strand.
Princess, 50cm strand.
Matinee, 60 cm strand.
Opera, 80cm strand.

Cornflower Butterfly Matinee, £85.00

Razor Matinee, Taupe

Taupe Razor Matinee, £85.00

Leaf Choker, Emerald

Emerald Leaf Choker, £65.00

Leaf Princess, Taupe

Taupe Leaf Princess, £85.00

Leaf Choker, Cornflower

Cornflower Leaf Choker, £65.00

Razor Opera, Cornflower

Cornflower Razor Opera, £125.00